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In most cases, when you get into financial trouble with your business, you must stop the business. Even if you have a successful business, you can still have a current account deficit. In that case, you must opt ​​for working capital financing , but banks are usually unable to do this. However, the bank is not the only option if you need business financing.

We can help you with this. We are an experienced financier in the SME sector. If you are an entrepreneur with a minimum annual turnover of € 250,000, you can submit an application using the form on the right.

Because we use tailor-made solutions, it is not yet possible to make a statement about how much you must repay in the month and how much interest you must pay. This depends on your personal situation. After you have completed the form, you will usually be contacted within 48 hours.


Temporary deficit

Temporary deficit

Working capital usually finances itself, but sometimes there is a temporary dip. For example, because you have to deliver before you can issue an invoice. But when the invoice is issued, it may take a while before it is paid. While you have to wait for this money, you also have to pay your own bills. This will not benefit your company and your cash flow.

You can solve this in different ways. For example, there are entrepreneurs who spend with a credit card. Because a credit card is used, the transaction is not immediately debited. You can also ask your supplier for a supplier credit . As a result, you do not pay the invoice directly, but the payment is delayed. Keep in mind that the invoice must of course always be paid, so that you do not incur any payment arrears.

Another option is a current account credit . With a current account credit, you can redeem up to an agreed limit on your payment account. That way you can absorb and pay unexpected costs. For example, if you have to wait for an invoice to be paid, but you have other bills, you can still pay the bills through the current account credit. The deficit is supplemented later when the invoice is paid.


Financing working capital

Financing working capital

Which working capital financing suits you best depends on your company and the industry in which you work. It also depends on the turnover you make. In addition, you must take into account a minimum loan amount and a maximum loan amount. And of course there are interest costs, borrowing money always costs money. How much this is depends on which lender you choose.

You can have more cash flow in different ways. When you need money immediately, the Impulse Credit from us is an idea. Hereby your invoices are pre-financed, so you no longer have to wait until they are paid. We can also take over your debtor management , so that you can fully focus your attention and energy on your company.

That way you no longer have to go after non-paying customers yourself, we does this for you. This not only saves time, but also money. You can then focus that attention on your company again, so that your company can grow and therefore generate more money. That way you can pay off the credit you have without feeling it in your wallet. It is therefore a win-win situation.


Different types of financing

Different types of financing

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of financing. It depends on your company and the sector in which you work, which financing suits you best. The aforementioned Impuls Krediet from us can offer a solution if you no longer want to wait until outstanding invoices are paid. You immediately receive money in current account with your debt portfolio as collateral. You immediately have the opportunity to expand your business.

We also offers Lease . This form of financing makes it possible to finance 100% of your investment amount. This brings a number of benefits.

One of the biggest advantages is that your working capital is not used. This way you will be able to respond immediately to changes in the market.

Another good option is Ondernemerskrediet . An entrepreneur’s credit helps you invest quickly and responsibly. In cooperation with us, we provide a suitable credit, which you can pay off when you come out. Does the investment yield faster than expected or do you need more time on the other hand? No problem, in consultation with you, we adjust the company credit entirely based on your wishes. We offers maximum flexibility in this.


We can help you

We can help you

Do you want to request financing for your company? That is possible with us, if you have a minimum annual turnover of € 250,000.

You can submit an application using the button below. Because we use tailor-made solutions, it is not yet possible to make a statement about how much should be repaid per month or about the interest rate.

You will be contacted within 48 hours after submitting an application.